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401(k) Plan Checklist

Plan sponsors of 401(k) plans must file their Form 5500 on the last day of the 7th month after plan year-end (July 31st for calendar year plans) or file a Form 5558 for a 2 ½ month extension (until October 15th). There are associated fines and penalties should a return not be filed in a timely manner. Additionally, there are many other measures that should be taken throughout the year to ensure that the plan remains in compliance and qualified with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Following the provisions outlined in the plan document, restating the plan document every 5-6 years (depending on the type), passing discrimination testing, and making timely and appropriate contributions that do not exceed plan limits are just a few examples that we as TPA’s provide for our clients. The following checklist link is an IRS guide intended to help plan sponsors avoid making common mistakes that can result in potential penalties or disqualification. 401(k) Plan Checklist

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