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Retirement Plans Can Be Trendy Too!

top five_starWe are always on the lookout for what new developments are happening in the industry. Not just relating to constant rule and regulation changes by the DOL, but we do our best to anticipate what will be on the minds of business owners and participants in terms of planning for retirement. Here is what we found on the radar for the New Year:

Inside a DOL Audit

Nearly as nerve-wracking as the prospect of an audit is not knowing what to expect. Follow the link below to a brief article we found which provides some insight on a DOL Audit. We hope that learning more about this legal process, where the outcome has such an important impact on your business and/or personal life, not only alleviates any anxiety but helps things run as smoothly as possible – yielding the best possible results.

The INTAC Insider has everything you need to know about year-end happenings and what’s in-store for 2014

Here you have it! Our December 2013/January 2014 edition of the INTAC Insider: Down with DOMA. Each issue of the Insider provides information about the latest industry news and trends in the retirement planning world as well as a look at what is happening behind the scenes at INTAC.

Boomerang Employees - Understanding the Rules for the Second Time Around

Mary leaves the firm, then several months later, she has a change of plans … and heart. Joe moves the family out west for greener pastures, then relocates back after the drought hits. Dan parts ways with the company only for you both to find that there is work yet to be done.

Take a look: the June/July edition of the INTAC Insider has arrived!

We invite you to explore our June/July edition of the INTAC Insider: Under Control or Out of Control. Each edition of the Insider contains information about important trends in the retirement planning industry as well as a look at what is happening behind the scenes at INTAC.