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To deliver high quality retirement solutions, you need a partner whose true focus is the retirement business, not a service within an investment or insurance offering. You need a partner who is objective, trustworthy and who understands the critical role they play in helping you build a successful retirement plan solution for your business and your employees. INTAC is that partner.


  • In the race to appear relevant and cutting edge, many firms I deal with are rushing on to the next best thing – they are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All of that is important but hard to keep up with from a customer’s point of view. INTAC has managed to keep ahead of the curve but has not gone over the edge.

  • I had a client who needed to take a loan on his 401k and it had a couple of speed bumps. I called Bill W. to ask who I speak with to start the process, and he said he’d do it himself. Bill was back to me within a few hours with the answers. Michele sent me the loan application needed the same day, and Judy emailed me first thing the next morning with info on amending the Plan Document to allow for more than one loan. Michelle walked us through and processed the loan app. The entire process took less than 24 hours. Everybody complains when things don’t go right; nobody ever bothers to say thank you when they do. Charles, THANK YOU, your people were terrific. They took a client in severe distress and helped ease his problem in less than a day. Really great customer service.

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