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Our clients say it best!

I am very pleased with the service I receive from INTAC. The client portal is user friendly. I would also like to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with Andrea. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she provides us with the best customer service imaginable. She answers all of my questions in a timely fashion with patience and guidance. I find her to be very professional and have the utmost confidence in her.

- Marcie

We all want to thank you for always providing exceptional service and care to our clients. You have done an excellent job over the past years and we truly appreciate your professionalism and partnership. Your dedication to customer service and attention to detail is second to none in our years of experience with Third Party Administrator representatives. People like yours make the decision to do business with INTAC an easy one for retirement plan advisors like us.

- Todd

As we have successfully completed the migration of our 401(k) savings plan, I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved. Your support and expertise contributed to a smooth transition and a great sense of teamwork. Thanks again to all involved for your help over the last few months.

- Kerrie

Our commitment to excellence, superior customer service and personal attention are the reasons we’ve earned a client retention rate that exceeds 95%.

Jodie, having an “INTAC Client Relationship Manager” (CRM) assigned to us and this level of contact in the future is terrific. I have worked for Donjon Marine for almost 13 years, and in that time we have had three TPA’s. One was really poor, one was outstanding, and so far INTAC is approaching the outstanding level of responsiveness and performance for us. Nat Coraci, Danielle Aigotti, and Jacqueline Bouchard are the INTAC folks we work with most consistently, and all of them are very hard working, conscientious, and just plain NICE. They are easy to work with, and do a great job for us. Donjon Marine is a family-owned business, and while we value the typical corporate definitions of success and progress, we also like to think of ourselves as living more “at home” ideals like fairness, accountability, honesty, responsibility, and willingness to help. We can always pick out those ideals in our employees, vendors, and suppliers, and your crew is part of our family in that regard. This is particularly important in how we see a retirement program should be run. INTAC was recommended to us as the TPA when we were considering moving our 401k platform to Empower, by both our lead investment advisor and our outside CPA’s. It is nice to know now, after about a year and a half of actual experience, that their recommendations were well-founded!

- Randy Roffina, CFO, Donjon Marine Co., Inc.

Dear Charles, I would like to thank INTAC and my pension consultant, Cathy Boomhower for years of excellent service. SS&B is in the process of dissolution and therefore discontinued the 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan. Cathy has always been professional and responsive to all of my many questions. She went above and beyond excellent service as she helped to expedite SS&B’s plan termination and finalized all withdrawals and paperwork. I know it was not an easy task and Cathy, as well as Danielle made it happen. I will continue to recommend INTAC in whatever position my future holds. Thank you very much for your assistance in making the plan termination as seamless as possible.

- Leslie Gartner, Controller, SS&B Advertising

I just want to mention to you the pleasure of working with Jacqueline Bouchard. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. You are lucky to have her on your team.

- Barry Goldberg, COO Balter Sales

INTAC has more than 50 employees who have more than 20 years of industry experience. We invest in the best so that we can be the best.

One of our employees needed a hardship withdrawal. I called Matthew, our INTAC rep, but found out he was away from the office. He left Danielle’s name as a contact. I called her and she said that she would look into this and get back to me. I received a follow up call today to let me know that the withdrawal was being processed and should go out today. I know that will help put our employee’s mind at ease in her time of need. I just want to make sure that employees who go that extra mile are recognized and know that their work is appreciated.

- Scott

I just wanted to say thanks for all the great work Andrea and Bill W. at INTAC do for us managing our plan. They proactively manage our plan and provide us with timely and helpful information. Best of all, they do all this quietly; getting things done without us having to worry or follow up. They make things easy. We appreciate all they do.

- Ron

I just wanted to drop a quick note to share my experience with one of your consultants – Lisa. Lisa is very understanding and takes time to explain any questions or concerns I have with my pension plans. Pension planning can be daunting and confusing – Lisa helps make it easier to understand.

- Floyd

NJBIZ honored us again in 2017 as of New Jersey’s best places to work.

Jodie and Susan have been nothing but pure professionals. We recently made a decision to move our funds, but yet made the important decision to stay with INTAC as our TPA, based solely and due to the Team assigned to us by INTAC.

- A.F.M.

I have been a client of INTAC’s since 2008. David K. has been my main source of information during those years. I have nothing but sincere appreciation for his patience and dedication to his job. Any question asked is always totally answered and then explained again if I said I didn’t understand. ”Awesome attitude”, he knows his stuff, understands our plan and is always able to make me feel comfortable with whatever answers he gives me.

- Leisa

Alison has been our consultant for many years and has always gone above and beyond in assisting us with anything we need. When she left her old company to join INTAC we immediately followed her. Alison is the reason we now use INTAC for our actuarial needs.

- Jim

Larry F. has been the pension consultant on our plan for many years and I just want to let you know that he is not only a pleasure to work with but has been a valuable resource to our firm. Larry ensures that all of our filings are completed on time and he is very responsive to all of our retirement plan questions and needs. It is a comfort to know that we have an expert with longevity and expertise in this complicated business.

- James

Recently, one of our employees suddenly passed away. I had many questions regarding the distribution of this employee's portion of our Profit Sharing Plan. Rich, our INTAC representative, was both sensitive and professional in answering all of my questions. I know that at this time of year, Rich is very busy completing work for all of his retirement plans. Despite this, he made a special effort to provide us with the calculations we needed in a very timely manner. I wish to acknowledge his effort and offer my gratitude for all of his help.

- Elizabeth

I have many responsibilities in the firm, many filled with a great deal of pressure. However, I am always assured that at least those that have anything to do with Judy will always be done efficiently and in a timely manner. She is a very special person. I am sure that you already know what a valuable asset she is to your company.

- Irene

We've been committed to making an impact on the future since 1977.

Dear Larry, thank you for your e-mail. I must tell you…this is refreshing! In all the years that this DB plan has been in effect I have not received updates, information and forms from any of the three previous actuarial firms. I had to chase them to get a beneficiary form, they did not even tell me that I should have one in place. Thanks again!!

- Marina

I have been your client for many years, but I recently sold my company, and, unfortunately, will no longer require your services. I just wanted to let you know that the people who I have interacted with in your organization have always been exceptional. They’ve been extremely knowledgeable, professional and overall nice people. I commend you for maintaining such an exemplary staff. I wish you and your staff the best of luck in the future, and hopefully I will find opportunities to recommend your services, and, even better, to work with you again in the not-too-distant future.

- George

The regulations and operation of this product are so complicated that it is only something an expert in the area can totally understand. Hence the reason we hired INTAC. If Mr. Hershkowitz was not my consultant, I would not have a DB plan. He is an exceptional consultant - knowledgeable, direct, responsive, professional and ALWAYS helpful. The demands and requirements of this plan are so difficult to understand that but for Mr. Hershkowitz I would have closed the plan.

- Janis

Your support over the years has been monumental in transforming our benefits package, we're deeply grateful.

- Bryan

As a family owned business, we define excellence by how well we support our relationships.

Larry, allow me to take this opportunity to add that I’m very impressed with your knowledge and your ease in communicating it, as well as your conscientious and prompt attention to our needs.

- Fred

Kudos to Susan and Jodie for being patient with a difficult client (ME)! And cheers to INTAC.

- A.F.M.

My pension consultant is Matthew. He is outstanding, extremely helpful and an asset to INTAC. Any time there are revisions, changes, tax filings and any updates regarding the plan, he notifies me right away and he explains to me in great detail. He is patient and is always a phone call away for any questions or problems that I may have regarding the plan. Thank you for having such a good employee to take care of my plan!

- Lori

I want you to know out of all my years working at Nationwide and working with well over 100 different administrators, yours has been by far the best. That is a testament to the staff you have hired, thank you!

- Scottie, Nationwide Financial

In 40 years of business, we’ve helped thousands of companies create successful retirement plans. We’re ready to help you.

Michele is amazing, a true asset to INTAC’s team. She is pleasant, knowledgeable and most of all very happy to help and gets the job done pronto and well! I have required her assistance on many occasions and she has come through on all levels every time. Feel free to spread the word, she deserves the recognition.

- Theresa

It is people like you that make the decision to do business with Intac an easy one for retirement plan advisors like myself. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!

- Mark

I have enjoyed superior to superb customer service from Bill. Bill has been responsive, informed, engaged and a partner over the years. His advice and assistance have been invaluable.

- Ian

Deborah – I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you have been doing with our 401(k) clients over the past year. Your dedication to customer service and attention to detail is second to none in my 30 years of experience with TPA representatives.

- Mark

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Esther is awesome! She's always calm, unhurried, knowledgeable, pleasant, trustworthy, and yes, humorous. Pension planning is confusing to the average layman . Keep up your great work, Esther; it's a pleasure doing business with you!

- Fran

Andrea, just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for Gabby and me this year and over the years. Really, your knowledge and experience as a pension specialist are unparalleled.

- Jim

When I send a request, I know I can expect an immediate response acknowledging my request and the item(s) requested within 24 business hours, even a reply once came after 10:00 at night. Additionally, when I ask for a request she understands what I am asking for, which is becoming more and more rare in the industry. My only regret with Jennifer is that she is not the TPA on all my jobs.

- Frank