Proposal Request


Very Best Regards, Todd

Charles and INTAC Team!!! We all wanted to thank you for always providing exceptional service and care to our clients. You have done an excellent job over the past years and we truly appreciate your professionalism and partnership. Your dedication to customer service...


When I send a request, I know I can expect an immediate response acknowledging my request and the item(s) requested within 24 business hours, even a reply once came after 10:00 at night. Additionally, when I ask for a request she understands what I am asking for,...


Andrea, just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for Gabby and me this year and over the years. Really, your knowledge and experience as a pension specialist are unparalleled.


Esther is awesome! She’s always calm, unhurried, knowledgeable, pleasant, trustworthy, and yes, humorous. Pension planning is confusing to the average layman . Keep up your great work, Esther; it’s a pleasure doing business with you!