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In Loving Memory of Our Founder, Max Rosenberg


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Remembering Max Rosenberg
In Loving Memory of Our Founder, Max Rosenberg

This month marks the one-year anniversary of Max Rosenberg’s passing (September 25). INTAC vice president, Charles Rosenberg shares these words of tribute.

To many, my father, Max Rosenberg is simply remembered as the founder of INTAC, and the creator of the SMART Pension System, our proprietary actuarial and pension software. But to me, and his brother/partner/INTAC co-founder Harry, he was so much more. As we observe the first anniversary of his sudden passing, I would like to share some of his attributes that made him so special to so many – to immediate family members, to our INTAC team, and the greater community.

All would agree that my dad was a genuine, unassuming man, humble and approachable by everyone. When you talked to my dad, you knew you always had his full attention—he was never in a rush to finish the conversation. Generous with his time and his knowledge, he was quick to help others in any way he could. He offered objective advice to anyone who needed it, and he was always eager to help young people get a start in their careers. Although he had an analytical, actuarial mind, he was very witty. As a businessman, he focused on the present and didn’t get caught up in what the future should be or what it needed to look like. Today was what mattered.

May his memory be a blessing for all those who knew him.