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Name Change is on the Horizon: INTAC is Becoming FuturePlan


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Name Change is on the Horizon: INTAC is Becoming FuturePlan

In July 2018, Intac Actuarial Services, Inc. became part of the FuturePlan by Ascensus family—a dynamic, national network of leading third-party administrators (TPAs) of qualified retirement plans. Since that time three years ago, we continued operating under the INTAC name, with the same and growing team of pension consultants, actuaries, and retirement plan experts our clients have relied on for the past 40+ years.

Why FuturePlan?
Our decision to join the FuturePlan by Ascensus network was guided by the many benefits this relationship provides to us as a retirement plan administrator. For one, our team is backed by a deep bench of ERISA experts in a network of professionals well-versed in all aspects of qualified retirement plans. (ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, a federal tax and labor law that establishes minimum standards for pension plans in private industry.) In short, our relationship with FuturePlan has enabled us to tap into a wider pool of expertise, backed by the country’s largest TPA.

In addition, INTAC:

  • Is part of the leading national provider of defined contribution, defined benefit, and cash balance plans, and can offer advanced plan design options to suit many different business scenarios and goals.
  • Can service nearly any need employers have for a workplace retirement plan.
  • Has access to the most advanced technology in the field, especially in cybersecurity and disaster recovery. 
    • Our clients are assured of having sensitive data always protected and accessible
    • Business continuity is maintained from anywhere at all times.
  • Is allied with other network partners with whom we share and discuss industry insights and updates in a non-competitive, mutually supportive environment.

Rebranding in August

Effective next month, our company name will change officially to FuturePlan. You will see these changes on our website, social media accounts, and other communications channels. However, our name is the only thing that will change. Our local Woodcliff Lake office and teams, and how we work with plan sponsors and their advisors will be the same.

If you are a current INTAC client, you will have the same access to the same plan consultants with whom you’ve enjoyed working. There will always be the consistently high level of service that has given our company such a great reputation for responsiveness and sage guidance to plan sponsors and advisors for 40 years and counting.

Rest assured, our team is here and looking forward to serving our clients with the same resources and know-how to which you are accustomed. If you have any questions about our new branding, or would like to discuss your company’s retirement plan design, implementation or administration, please contact me at [email protected].